V6.30: Engage- Don’t Annoy- Your Audience

Magnetic Monkey Marketing Blog Don't annoy Let’s face it; the nature of inbound marketing tactics can be a little bit intrusive at times. And yes, we understand what an understatement the term “little bit” is in this context. How do we find the balance of engaging- and NOT annoying- our target market?

One of our favorite blogs, Kissmetrics, has 5 great strategies on this very topic. Let’s dive in, shall we?

  1. “Prioritize Your Customer’s Needs” Your main goal in terms of engagement should be meeting your customer’s needs. Your audience should always be top of mind, otherwise, what’s the point? If you deliver content that is irrelevant to your market, they will respond negatively. You know that car salesman that’s just trying to reach a quota and sell something you don’t actually want? Yeah, do yourself a favor and don’t be that person. Give the people what they want, as they say. Remember, you can’t just assume to know what your market wants. Utilize behavior trends, surveys, and website data in order to better understand your audience.
  2. “Stay Away From Informational Overload” Once you’ve solidified your market’s desires and crafted the most relevant story, try not to oversaturate your message. That can get quite annoying. Think about your personal experience online: do you like those intrusive, overbearing ads? We certainly don’t. There is a time, place, and frequency sweet spot we need to hit for maximum success. It’s all about balance. Ask yourself two questions: 1) Am I being conscious of my audience’s’ time? 2) Am I delivering value-driven content?
  3. “Convey Every Message Differently” People respond to messaging in very different ways. Why? Because people are all very different. They have different motivations and driving forces. In addition to that, people tend to need to see something more than once before committing to converting. Make sure you aren’t sending the same message over and over again. Failure is doing something the same way and expecting different results.
  4. “Avoid Inconvenient Surprises” Don’t let hidden surprised be the detriment of your success. Hidden fees, 404 errors, slow page load times, and glitches in your system can really ruin your customer’s experience and ultimately mean the loss of their business. Be upfront and honest with who and what you are. Make sure you work with your teams to anticipate what annoys your audience the most and rectify those annoyances immediately.
  5. “Engage in a Timely Manner” Time is absolutely everything. Trying to tell someone something they’re unsure of at the wrong moment will turn them off forever. Understand what motivates your audience and then show them how you can help solve their problems. Show them relevant content when they are in they need of it and they will trust your brand.

It can be quite simple, really. Engage your audience with highly relevant content when they need it.