V6.32: Why Aren’t People Buying From You?

Magnetic Monkey Marketing Blog buy MeSo, let’s ask some real questions here. Why aren’t people buying your product or service? Something we’d all like to know, right?

Understanding your target market and what it is that deters them from buying is absolutely essential. It’s how you’ll craft new solutions to drive business.

Here is Grant Cardone’s four reasons a buyer just isn’t buying:

  1. “Lack of time.” Most people are fairly busy. Think about your schedule! Do you have time to respond to that email of someone trying to get YOU to purchase something? Probably further down on your priority list, huh? So, it’s up to you to come up with creative ways to save time. You have to take out the unnecessary steps and just serve them relevant content and information.
  2. “Cash flow.” Unfortunately, this is one of their problems that you’ve inherited. You can either let that be the end of your sale or you can be solution-oriented. If it’s an issue of cash flow, and not one of your brand, you can try to give them options– like a payment plan. Think like a business person, not like a sales person. Find solutions, not problems.
  3. “Able to do without.” Let’s be real. They could probably do without your product. So, how do you change their mind? Until they realize that what you offer would be vital to their efficiency/growth/etc., they’re just not going to purchase. How do you help them realize your worth? You have to show them that you solve their problems. Do this with quality content that provokes thought and engagement.
  4. “Your reputation.” So what if the buyer has the right cash flow, all the time in the world, and they have a need for what you offer, but they still won’t buy? Have you thought about your reputation? How are the reviews and customer testimonials? Do a quick search of your brand and see what comes up. Maybe there are some nasty reviews that deter potential customers from taking that final step. Respond with solutions! Take that commentary to heart and work to fix it. Then, you’ll start to see better success and, ultimately, more business.

We know this is a bit sales-oriented, but when sales and marketing work together as a team, magic happens.