V6.40: The Magical Marketing Funnel

Magnetic Monkey Marketing Blog marketing funnelThe Marketing Funnel: Seems like just a basic concept that every marketer knows, right? But do they truly understand what each phase of the funnel means? Let’s discuss!

  1. Awareness: The goal of this stage is to engage a new audience. It’s about educating and proving that you are a relevant source of information in your field. You’re trying to build a relationship in this phase. The target market in this stage consists of new users who have never engaged with your brand before.
  2. Consideration: This stage is all about validating your brand. You’ve already started a relationship with your target market, now it’s time to deepen and strengthen it. You’ll want to show them how much they need you and what you can do for them. It’s also smart to show case studies and testimonials to prove your worth with third party validation.
  3. Conversion: So you’ve introduced your brand, proven your worth in your industry, so now it’s time get leads or conversions. No matter your industry– whether you want form fills or actual purchases, this stage is all about showing the benefits of your product or service. What makes you special? What makes your service or product worth having?
  4. Loyalty: This is a very important stage! Marketing is not just about getting new people to purchase. It’s about keeping existing clients happy. This phase is all about nurturing your existing clientele with content they would love! It might also be worth it to provide incentives like discounts or free content.
  5. Advocacy: This last stage takes the loyalty phase one step further. Happy customers are one thing, but happy customers who spread the word about your brand is just taking it to a whole new level. This is free marketing people! You want these customers to refer you to all their friends, family, and colleagues.

So that’s it! Hopefully this helped bake out the concept of the marketing funnel a little bit more fully. Now you all are ready to take your marketing strategies to a more holistic level!