Brian Anderson has over 30 years of global marketing experience in technology, business-to-business and business to consumer markets. He has a proven track record of maximizing global market penetration, award-winning branding and communications, establishing product/service leadership, a low-touch lead-to-cash marketing/sales model, being seen as a progressive market visionary, opening new channels of distribution and strategic relationships or looking for creative ways to cost-efficiently dominate their market space. Brian has a track record of five successful exits through acquisition and two publicly traded companies as well as fund raising and strategic M&A. He has helped companies grow revenues from startup to $20M and from $50M to $1.8B and is also a frequent industry speaker and published author.



Nikki LeeNikki Lee Anderson has been working in the marketing world for about four years now. She has proven her expertise in all aspects of digital marketing: content development, social media, marketing automation software, photography and demand generation for established as well as startup companies. She is also extremely well versed in standard business applications. Nikki’s strong-points are speaking in fluent sarcasm and movie quotes, developing content, and writing work for other people to take credit (aka Ghost writer).