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Successful people do not give up when something doesn’t work out the way they wanted it to. Sometimes– more often than not– we are going to fail again… and again… and again. As cliché as it sounds, you have to keep working at it. In a past blog, we talked about how marketing is a process and not a one time deal. Down that line, we will hit a few bumps in the road and that is totally okay. It doesn’t count as failure unless you let it defeat you.

IQ Matrix wrote a great article about the various obstacles we face that tend to stand in our way. We want to take this moment to share those with you some of those that come from within ourselves and how we can change our attitude to rectify the situation.

  • “Lack of Desire” This pretty much means you have no drive or emotion in regard to what you are working on. You have to be passionate about your endeavors if you want to succeed! When something difficult comes along, you won’t have to emotional reservoir to keep going.
  • “Lack of Self Belief” It goes without saying, but success stems from believing that you can succeed. Trust us, we know how corny that sounds, but it’s the truth. If you don’t believe in yourself, you won’t get much done at all.
  • “Lack of Commitment” One of our mottos is that if you are going to do something, commit to it. Just attack it with full force! Lacking commitment could be your detriment, but it is important to remember why you started in the first place.
  • “Asking too Many Why Questions” Successful people do NOT self-sabotage– and asking too many useless ‘why’ questions, will lead you down a terrible path. ‘Why does this always happen to me?’ ‘Why is this so difficult?’ ‘Why do I even try anymore?’ These types of questions will never help you. It will only bring you into a negative and lonely space.
  • “Focusing on What You ‘Don’t Want’” Honestly, what is the point in this? Focusing on the negative and what you do not want will only draw that in. Try focusing on what you DO want and see the difference.
  • “Being Riddled With Negative Emotions” No one likes a pity party. This goes along with focusing on what you don’t want. It is never good to harp on all the negative aspects of a situation. Don’t let this stand in your way of success. Stay positive!
  • “Being Riddled With Fear” A lot of the time, harping on those negative emotions will lead to fear. These uncontrollable fears will only hinder you on your path to success. They will drain you of all the essence you have. You must work to attain your goals.
  • “Being Riddled with Excuses” So, this one is kind of a culmination of all the others. All of these things lead you to making excuses. Figure out which one of the above are causing your excuses and you can actively try to change it. Never let an excuse stop you from achieving what you want.

Learning to believe in yourself and keep a positive attitude can go a very long way in all things, business endeavors included.