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marketing needs balanceTo know one’s


Is to look within and find

Your heart cannot be on a shelf.

Let spirit soar and ground to mind

To honor one’s


Is to make time, to be present

And find the glee.

Let love prevail and intent cement

To share one’s


Is to recognize the gift

Of selfless service without notoriety.

Let action manifest as self and family shift

I am


To touch, to feel,

To smell, to taste,

To talk, to hear,

To be love, to make love

I am


To discern, to react,

To exemplify, to radiate,

To express, to arouse,

To make love, to be love

I am


To merge, to meditate,

To co-create, to manifest,

To illuminate, to transcend,

To be god, to be love

I am


Without self there is no

Family without which there is no


Each build out of the abundance of the other in a cycle

Of co-creation and manifestation.

The knowing of physical, the feeling of emotion and the transcendence of sprit is to be god on earth.