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Magnetic Monkey Marketing blogWe’ve discussed before how important small changes can be for your business. There is one incredibly simple thing we all can do in order to bring our companies to new heights of success. A quick attitude change is all it takes. For too long, people have focused on what they (as a singular unit in) can accomplish, not on what the whole team can accomplish together.

David Mead describes the difference between a ‘Me Goal’ and a ‘We Goal’ in the Start With Why blog. What he said really resonated with my own business philosophy and I wanted to share it with you, readers. “Me Goals are about accomplishing something by ourselves, for ourselves. We Goals are all about working together with others we need to rely on to accomplish something that is impactful and fulfilling to all of us as a collective.” Yes, Me Goals can be fueled by intense determination and (sometimes) be achieved, but in reality, the best ideas are implanted through team effort. Of course, there is always someone who thinks that they can just do it on their own, but the best companies know that utilizing the full potential of the team will produce the greatest results. It is important to help build each other up if we want the business to succeed. It isn’t a one-man show and it never will be.

Great success comes from collaboration, communication, and support.

It should never be about who gets the credit for achieving a goal; it should be about actually making the company stronger and more profitable. The bond formed when working on a common goal is far greater than singular credit. The idea is to fully engage the group collective. When we foster the We Goals, we are creating an environment that inspires each and every person to help build the foundation of a prosperous business.

So take a risk, and start prioritizing those ‘We Goals.’