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Magnetic Monkey Marketing blogI don’t know how many times I’ve brought up inbound marketing in my blogs but it is so important that I’m going to do it again now. If you’ve been living under a rock and have no idea what inbound marketing is then it’s high time you learned. Hubspot describes it as “the best way to turn strangers into customers and promoters of your business.”


I recently read a great article from SalesHub about why inbound marketing should be the next step for any company’s growth. They had some really great reasons that I want to address for you.

  • “Keep Up to Date with Buying Trends” With everything online these days, buying trends have significantly changed in the past five years or son. Consumers are much more technologically literate and are extremely comfortable with using Google to start their evaluation process. Today’s society places a huge emphasis on social media, which is why most businesses have now added them into their marketing approach. With inbound strategies, you’ll be able to directly target the right type of people.
  • “Nurture Relationships” Once someone signs up to receive your newsletter or follows you on social media, you are provided with an opportunity to build a relationship with that person. They already like what you did initially, so now you need to foster that bond. Social media allows you to make people feel like they are talking to a real person and not just some nameless work robot.
  • “Build Brand Awareness” Everyone loves the confidence boost that comes with receiving a compliment on your business. Your brand is so important- it represents who you are as a professional organization. Inbound marketing can be extraordinarily beneficial when it comes to growing brand recognition and reputation. Creating interesting and valuable content you are setting yourself up to be a source of wisdom for others. When you constantly share your knowledge through social media sites, people come to respect you as a valid source. They in turn share that with their friends and coworkers, thus growing awareness about your company. You become a credible, well respected, and recognized professional. The, when it’s time for them to choose a product or service, they will want to turn to you!
  • “Capture Data” This is a great way to get people’s information. When you have CTAs for whitepaper or E-Books or whatever you’re giving out, the interested person has to give you their name and email. Then you can follow up with them! What is even better is that you are getting information from people are actually interested in what you have to offer. They are more likely to convert to customers.
  • “Easily Measure Results” Measuring inbound activity is relatively straightforward and easy. You can measure your page views, searched keywords, connections, sales, etc. When you know what is and is not working you can constantly update for the best results.
  • “Stay Relevant” Finally, inbound marketing helps you and your company stay up to date and relevant in today’s fast paced world. This really is the wave of the future. You must get on board in order to stay above the rest!