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magnetic monkey marketing blogWe know that there are many different channels that we can utilize to get our content out there—in order to attract leads and work towards conversions. The idea is to grow as a company. We want to take the time to talk about growth hacking and how beneficial it is for us.

So what exactly is growth hacking you ask? defines it as “acquiring, retaining and monetizing users more effectively.” Basically, it is someone who can collect data, plan, and execute the vital tactics in order to reach their goals.

Some great characteristics of a successful growth hacker are the following:

  • Using measurable and scalable methodology to create growth
  • Adapting to the ever changing nature of a business environment
  • Limited marketing budget

Of course we know how important content is in the growth hacking method, but there are also other things that will leave you better than before. Here are five of the best tips and tricks in conquering growth hacking.


  1. Understanding your target audience: How many times can we drill into your minds the vital nature of a buyer persona? The idea is to have one type of person in mind when creating your buyer persona. They are semi fictional characters that marketers create through research. They represent your ideal customer! So the primary goal of every great marketing professional is to know not only whom you wish to attract to your product or service, but also what their tastes are, how they like to communicate, where they congregate, who they trust, when they are likely to engage, and why they will make the decisions they do. Knowing your audience helps you infinitely when trying to create content for them.
  2. Creating a sales funnel: So this is to help you visualize the whole sales process, from the first moment of contact to the time of the actual deal. In terms of an online sales funnel, we are referring to the increasing the engagement of a lead by fostering interaction up until the actual conversion.
  3. Blogging of course! The idea of blogging should not be new for you at all. We have talked about it over and over again… it’s just that important! Blogs are obviously very important to your business. We’ve found that blogging can be very influential in both the short-term and long-term range. We have discussed some characteristics of a good blog before: a good word length, appropriate links; relevant images; a good list; and a consistent time frame. We already know why blogging and other inbound marketing practices can benefit us.
  4. Utilizing social media to the max: we’ve talked about how social media and inbound marketing can build up your business. It can build your reputation and help increase sales and so much more. We also know that social media sites are today’s breeding ground for public thought. It is where peers congregate to share opinions, ideas, innovations, and experiences. Social media has truly opened up a whole new world for marketing and sales.
  5. Measuring your data: Of course, with everything, we must constantly be measuring results. Here are two questions to think about in regards to your metrics: How long does it take to produce reports at the end of each month? How satisfied are you and/or your customers with current ROI?  Knowing how you are faring is an important part of getting better. When you understand what works and what doesn’t, you are allowing yourself to improve.  Part of growth hacking is answering all these types of questions. You’ll be much better off for it!

These are just a few tips to help you navigate the constantly changing tech-savvy business world. You need to stay up to date on your growth hacking techniques in order to stay relevant! Keep these in mind during your next strategic planning meeting.