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magnetic monkey marketing blogWe’ve talked about this before, but today we want to emphasize the things you’ll miss out on if you do not know your audience well enough. Before we dive in, let’s review:

  • Always bring in the human element– you’re dealing with people, not robots
  • Figure out your buyer personas by asking the right questions– find those here
  • Knowledge is power– remember to utilize this new data in your marketing strategy

Okay, so now that we’re all caught up… let’s discuss what you’ll miss out on if you do not do everything you can to truly know your audience.

We came across a really great article by Pam McBride from Business 2 Community   on this exact topic. She gave a comprehensive list on the things one can lose when they neglect the knowledge is power mentality. Social media can be a great opportunity for any and all companies, but only when you use it to its full potential.

Here’s McBride’s list on what we miss out on in social media when we do not understand our audience.

  1. “Generating More Followers” When you actually know and understand your audience, gaining new followers becomes easy as 123, ABC. It is a cycle! You post content that they want to read and engage with, so they follow you. Your reach and exposure grows and grows– and boom, more followers.
  2. “Personalized Offers” Offering generalized offers that no one wants will not get you anywhere, right? Having more specific knowledge of your followers will allow you to give them exactly what they want, especially in regards to your promotional offers. That is the beauty of social media… you can give the people what they want. Don’t miss out on that by not taking the time to understand your potential clientele.
  3. “Word of Mouth” How many times can we talk about this? When you delight your customers, they want to promote their positive experience with you. It is basically free advertising, which is the best kind.
  4. “Better Customer Service” We’ve talked before about how people don’t like interacting with automated numbers and robots; they want real people who can actually help them. The best customer service comes from actually getting to know them and their problems.
  5. “Networking with Influencers” Knowing your audience does many things. It can be good for helping you to realize who the potential brand ambassadors, VIPs, and influencers are and that can definitely increase your presence.
  6. “More Opportunities to Convert” The whole point of using social media is to convert leads into delighted customers. Getting to truly know your audience helps you discover ways to please them, thus garnering more opportunities to convert. You want those leads to become satisfied clientele.
  7. “Real-Time Feedback” Social media allows you to gain real-time feedback when launching a new product or service or even if you just have some pertinent questions. This feedback is only valuable if you are engaged and connected with your audience. Use this to your advantage!