V6.18: Authentic Missions Make Better Marketing

magnetic monkey marketing blog egoWe’ve talked about this before, but we feel it has become relevant once again. When it comes to content, we see companies focus on their product, only caring about profit. It’s time we start honing in on what really matters: the mission and goal of the company.

In today’s world, users care more about who they are dealing with– not just the product they receive. Although, the product matters too (obviously). When a company focuses not just on profit, but on true purpose, they see greater success.

Drew Himel writes “4 Tips for Letting Your Mission (Not Profit) Drive Success” that we just had to share with you all.

  1. “Put your ego aside.” How you treat your team matters. Integrity, authenticity, and transparency, and empathy are all integral to a your leadership methods and brand identity. When your employees feel valued, they treat the customers with the same respect. You set the precedent and they follow suit in their daily interactions with your clientele. Ego does not serve anyone. All it does is create barriers to your success. Work on creating an authentic objective that will fill every facet of your company. Your mission should be the driving force of all that you do.
  2. “Identify the whys and the whats.” Don’t just think about your daily to do list. Focus on the overarching picture– THE WHY. Why are you doing this? Why does it matter? Answer those big ‘why’ questions and craft your purpose from there. Once you have that figured out, your answers will lead you to the right type of employee and the perfect target market that aligns with your mission.
  3. “Let the mission determine who’s in your circle.” Try not to settle for clients that just add revenue. You should believe in their services and products. The same can be said for choosing the right employees. Finding smart people is easy. Finding smart people who truly believe in what you do and why you do it is the real trick. Those people will work their ass off and feel passionate about it along the way. When you and your team genuinely care about what you do, the client will never feel like you’re selling to them. Don’t try to sell them something you know they don’t need. Find the right people who will value what you offer.
  4. “Forget about the benefit.” When you only care about profit, you lose that authenticity that potential clients look for in a company. Stop trying to just sell your product. Start with a mission that you believe in and that purpose will drive your success. Being so selling-focused will ultimately make you lose out on potential business. When you focus on your WHY you will soar to new heights– mainly because people who care about what they do are better at what they do. Passion in the workplace leads to true success, not profit-driven tactics.