V6.23: Building a Business with Better Branding

magnetic monkey marketing thinkingThere is no one size fits all policy in business. There just isn’t, plain and simple. Every business is different and we have to treat our companies for what they are: individual entities with separate pros, cons, and best practices. That being said, of course there are certain lessons and tips that we can learn from– as long as we take that knowledge and apply it in the right way to our respective businesses.

Richard Lorenzen writes a great article for Entrepreneur.com with “5 Lessons Every Entrepreneur Can Apply to Build a Better Business” that we wanted to discuss today.

  • “Think more like a teenager.” That’s a new concept, huh? An interesting, but extraordinarily relevant idea. Today’s teenagers grew up in the digital, ‘buy with one click’ world, meaning they are quite accustomed to quick turnaround time in an on-demand world. They respond to situations quickly and can be very demanding. Is that not exactly what we need in business? Teenagers are inherently social beings. They seek guidance by Googling the answers and posting on social media. They utilize the tools at their disposal and figure things out quickly. Take a lesson from these young people and interact as much as you can with your target demographic on social media. That’s where they exist so that’s where you should be.
  • “You learn as you go.” Of course, there are amazing classes and tools you can utilize in order to learn the ins and outs of marketing– think Hubspot Academy or Google Analytics, but nothing works faster than learning as you go. It’s all trial and error, really. It’s testing and testing again to see what works for you and your brand. Make mistakes, but learn from them as you go. Don’t try to hide your failures, embrace them and do something differently next time. That’s how you’ll discover what works for your company and what will push you over the edge into new successes.
  • “Customer-centric begins with being employee-centric” The customer is always right, you know? But treating your customers with respect, loyalty, and trust means doing the same with your employees. The best way to keep your customers satisfied is to listen to your employees– the people who know the ins and outs of your service and hear first hand what the customers are actually thinking. When you engage your team, they will work that much harder to engage the customer.
  • “The more transparent you are, the better off you’ll be.” Transparency is key. Honestly, it’s so important we’re going to say it again. TRANSPARENCY. Don’t hide anything and be completely upfront with what you do and what you offer. Respond to difficult situations with tact and honesty in order to find solutions with integrity. Your customers will value that genuine nature and choose your brand over the one that doesn’t care at all about authenticity.
  • “Don’t take yourself too seriously.” Life and business are very similar in that they are both chaotic and messy, but still very beautiful. Taking either too seriously can severely hinder your quality of life. Make a mistake, learn from it, and move on. Never beat yourself up for failing. Don’t let work over take your life so much that you forget to enjoy the little everyday miracles.

So how about it, marketers? Up for the challenge?