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Magnetic MOnkey Marketing blog retargetingLet’s talk about a strategy we love that works. You are probably well aware of the fact that most people do not buy the first time they visit your website. It takes time and nurturing and strategic thought in order to get what you want.

This tactic is a great way to bring interested people back to your site and boost engagement on your ads. wrote a very insightful article on this very topic and we’d love to share some of those thoughts now. There are tons of ways to leverage retargeting, but let’s start with these 5 for now!

  1. “Encourage return visits.” A simple retargeting strategy to encourage users to return to your site can be achieved using social pixels. Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter all have pixels you can place on your sight and leverage valuable insight. With these tags, you can serve ads to people who have been to specific pages, downloaded certain assets, or just spent some time on your website. Since you know they’ve already engaged with your brand, they are more likely to convert or return for more information.
  2. “Use retargeting as a launch strategy.” Finding new customers is always great–we all love a good prospecting strategy– but we have to nurture existing customers as well. Utilizing CRM retargeting can help notify your current clientele when you have a new product launch. It shows them how much you care about their experience as a valued customer.
  3. “Show a personalized ad.” No matter the industry you work in, a personalized ad stands out. The personalization helps increase engagement, landings to the site, and decreases cost metrics. You can create highly effective, personalized user journeys with strategic retargeting tactics. If a user has downloaded a whitepaper or read a blog, you can serve them with a discounted rate.
  4. “Reduce shopping cart abandonment.” Trying to decrease cart abandonment is a tricky beast to tame, but, don’t worry,  there are ways! Try retargeting users who made it to the shopping cart but left without purchase in order to remind them of what they wanted in the first place. Ask them to return to the site to complete their order or offer them discounted rates upon returning.
  5. “Dynamic remarketing.” Utilize dynamic remarketing with Google AdWords to show ads to users containing the same products/services they were looking at on your site. Pretty cool, huh? It’s a great way to boost conversions and increase your ROI.

So, seems pretty simple right? Are you ready to discover the magical world that is retargeting?