V6.49: Want More out of Your Marketing Strategies?

MAgnetic MOnkey Marketing Blog leadershipAre you spending all your marketing budget on lead generation and not seeing the results you were hoping for? It might be time to rethink your strategy and shift towards a more holistic approach.

Often times, you correlate gaining more leads to gaining profit. They are not the same thing. And while we’re disputing current thought process, let’s break down another myth too. You don’t want more customers who buy once, you want more satisfied people who keep coming back and spread the word of your brand.

Buying leads will not help you obtain more satisfied customers. Let’s take some time now to think about what we could be doing instead of wasting those dollars on lead gen.

A contributor on Entrepreneur.com wrote out 4 great tips we all could be doing instead of just buying more leads.

  1. “Value customers as humans, not leads.”  Instead of focusing on just moving a user from one funnel to the next, focus on showing up where they spend the most time (social media sites, their favorite publications, etc.) and giving them amazing, relevant content. Treat your target market as people, rather than another number in your system. Who are they? What do they want and hope for? Give them an experience they will enjoy by tailoring the content to their needs. Also, share your story and your life and they will feel more comfortable with you as a brand and not as an anonymous robot.
  2. “Be relevant at the right time.” People will not absorb information at just any old time. You can tell something to someone a thousand times in a hundred different ways and they won’t get it until they are ready to get it. Spend more time curating the right message at the right time than just spitting out canned responses all day. Don’t treat your audience like they’re stupid. They know you want their money and they have the power here. Treat them with respect by not bullshitting them and they’ll return the favor.
  3. “Illuminate their pain.” Ultimately, there are going to be pain points in everything. Explain why that pain point exists in the first place. You’re proving yourself to be an expert in your field and the brand with the answers. People will look to you to solve their problems. Don’t be manipulative and scare your audience into needing you. Simply speak to them and not at them. You’re building up a rapport of trust with your target market here.
  4. “Show them you can help.” After you’ve built that trust and you’ve explained the relevant pain points, it’s time to prove your worth. Show what those pain points are and how your product or service will be the solution. People now rely on you as the wealth of knowledge and trust you to show them how to solve their own problems. Ultimately, you do still need to sell your product/service. It will be easier to close out the cycle if you’ve already proven your trustworthiness.

So, how do you feel? Are you ready to skip out on buying your leads and try a more holistic experience?