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Last week we talked about LinkedIn, so it’s only fitting we talk through Facebook today.

With everything that has happened recently in regard to advertising, safety, and personal data, it’s important we better understand the intricacies of Facebook ads. That way, we can more carefully craft ads that will resonate with people, not annoy them.

So, with that in mind, here are 5 tips on how to create better Facebook ads with the person in mind:

  1. Relevancy: It’s so important that the ads you create are actually relevant and valuable to the intended audiences. So, in short, crafting a killer Facebook Ad is just as much the post itself as it is matching it to a highly relevant audience.
  2. Imagery/Video: High quality imagery will make or break the experience. Standing out in the platform amongst the sea of stock photos could set you apart and produce much more quality down funnel results. Video is also a great way to engage your audience with quick snippets that capture and retain attention to further your brand promise. Make sure to utilize captions here since most people watch videos without the sound on.
  3. KPIs: Creating a great ad means knowing what your ultimate goal is and optimizing from there. If your goal is video views, your ad will need a captivating short form video and informative copy to match. If you’re trying to get a conversion or a lead, your ad will need a value driven statement or a question to spark interest for the user. Know what the metric for success is up front otherwise you’ll end up with a vague ad and poor results.
  4. Aligned Experience: There is nothing worse than clicking on an ad and the landing page looks nothing like what you were expecting. The ad should be an extension of your content and the image/messaging should clearly align with the actual website experience. Otherwise, bounces are an unfortunate inevitability.
  5. Test, Test, Test: We said this last week with LinkedIn, and to be honest, this is true with every channel, tactic, ad type, etc. The truth is there is no one size fits all plan. You’ll have to try things out with small budget tests and see what works for your brand.

Ultimately, businesses should approach ad creation for Facebook with two questions in mind:

  • Will this stand out in the platform?
  • Will people care enough to click through?

Based on the data trends we’ve seen, the concise, highly actionable and value-driven copy out performs in Facebook. Your audience cares about solutions, so address how your brand can deliver quality results for their particular needs. You should be quickly articulating the value that piece of content will bring.

It’s not impossible to create great Facebook campaigns in today’s day and age. Bring the value to them and the people will follow.