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Hello Marketers, It’s Nikki adding a more feminine perspective! It’s that time again for us to highlight the great work of an inspirational leader. I’ve been really impressed lately with Sophia Amoruso. She is the fabulous, completely self-made entrepreneur behind Nasty Gal (a women’s online clothing retailer) and more recently founded her new company, Girl Boss.

Only 35 and she’s already succeeded (and failed) with her clothing company, wrote an extremely popular autobiography (#Girlboss), and launched a new company- Girl Boss.

She embodies the notion of failing forward- a concept I’ve talked about before on this blog. When Nasty Gal filed for bankruptcy and she subsequently resigned from the company, she did not crumble. She started her next project, learning from her failures.

Amoruso says in an interview with the LA Times, “I prefer not to be a poster child for failure, but if my story can make other people feel less alone and have conversations transparently about their struggles as well as their wins, I feel really good about everything that I’ve been through.”

And boy, has she been through it! At 22, she started Nasty Gal as an eBay store in her bedroom. Over the next six years, it boomed and she was able to build a company with 200 employees, two brick and mortar stores, and over $100 million in revenue. She then went on to write a best-selling book that became every millennial woman’s must read of 2014. They even made a Netflix series based on her life! It only lasted one season, but it was still worth watching in my opinion.

From there, things took a turn for her. As I mentioned before, Nasty Gal went bankrupt and she had to sink her swim.

I personally have loved watching Amoruso’s journey unfold. As a strong woman in power, she is setting the stage for women in business everywhere– proving everyday that if you work hard and market the hell out of your product (or self), you can make your dreams a reality.

She recently held the first ever Girl Boss Rally, which was marketed as “A conference and community for ambitious women.” And let me tell you, their marketing was on point! I myself saw a number of social media ads and it looked quite impressive.

After this event, she launched– a platform for ambitious women who want to inspire each other and network in a more genuine, positive way. It’s a great space for people to come together and share ideas, connect with relevant women, and even get advice. This is a truly innovative and necessary platform for women everywhere and I think this will change the game.

Sophia Amoruso is a true inspiration for women, men, and anyone really because she’s out there trying to make her dreams a reality, turn her passion into success, and support other women along the way.