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Tired of feeling like you write and write and write and nothing works? Your website is full of blogs, everything is SEO optimized, and of course, you’re even putting some budget behind social media boosting, but you’re still struggling to see actual revenue.

Well, that’s just not right and something should be done about this! We’re here to help. Taking a take a step back to evaluate, you might find your content might be the root issue here.

*Cue the collective gasps/sighs of frustration.*

Let’s dive into Social Media Today’s three common mistakes made in regards to content, shall we?

  • “You’re assuming that potential customers will connect the dots themselves” The biggest mistake you can make with your content is assuming your audience will get it. Listing out all your product features will not help someone understand why your product is the best out there. Sure, it is helpful at some point to list out your features, but not without bringing the value in here. Why should your target market care? What’s in it for them? Don’t assume that they will be able to figure that out on their own. While clever copy works in certain scenarios, it still needs to give some context. It is far better to be obvious than to lose potential customers due to lack of education.
  • “You aren’t motivating potential customers to buy” Okay, so now you’ve added in the value to your content, what’s next? A call to action of course! We’ve written plenty of blogs on this exact subject, so by now you should be an expert, right? Or maybe you just happened upon this blog today– if so, welcome! Here’s the break down: A CTA, first and foremost, is an opportunity for a next step. So it usually manifests as a button or a hyperlink on a website or in an email. It is the precursor to your landing page. The idea is getting someone’s attention and bringing them to a place you want them. A CTA is the first step in converting visitors into a lead and then to actual revenue.You also need to make that human connection with your content. How can you more deeply reach your audience? Creating an extremely personalized experience is important here. You should elicit an emotional response as well. That way, they are more likely to remember who you are and actually understand the importance of what you do.
  • “Your content is full of typos and grammatical errors” Nothing provokes a bounce quite like content full of typos. You might not think this is as important as it is! You’re probably thinking that you can let the value speak for itself… who cares if there are a few grammatical errors here and there? Trust us when we say, they do care. You’ll find that while not everyone is a grammar fiend, they still won’t trust you if your writing is full of typos and obvious errors. It initiates a lack of faith in your ability to produce quality work and there goes your credibility. And if your audience doesn’t have that, they certainly won’t buy from you.

So, with just a few tweaks to your content, you can dramatically change the outcome of your business. Remember to be value-driven, include a strong call to action, and to PROOF READ! There you have it, folks! Go forth and write better content!