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Let’s face it: no matter what your field or area of expertise, you need a writer to develop quality content. We know very well that social media and blog content are the lifeblood of your inbound marketing strategy. You could have the most amazing product on the planet, but if no one knows you or what you do, that all means nothing. Without that online platform, trying to make it in today’s modern tech society will not be a walk in the park.

Let’s talk about content: without it, you’re screwed. Plain and simple. And who creates that content? That’s right! WRITERS. Every successful team has a brilliant writer at their disposal. The Social M’s created a pretty solid list of reasons why every team should include a writer. Let’s go into them, shall we?

  1. “Without content, you have no chance at social media success” If someone said they had a successful social media campaign without content, we would seriously question that person’s mental state. You can’t have social media with not content. It just isn’t done. We utilize social platforms to share our posts, to add value to what we have to say and do. Why would people trust your sites if you don’t provide them with useful information?
  2. “You need your own content” You can’t get by on the success of others. You have to forge your own path… aka make your own content. Sure, you could probably start out by curating valuable content from all the of the amazing sources out there. But at the end of the day, that will only get you so far. You have to push past that and shine for yourself. Creating your own content will bring traffic back to your website, which is the most important part.
  3. “A writer can provide you with all the content you need” If you are a smaller business and can’t afford for the whole shebang of digital marketing (like videos and great graphics), a writer could certainly help save your inbound marketing without breaking the bank. Anyone can write! Make sure to have one person dedicated to creating the right content for your company and its needs.
  4. “In social media, more content can lead to more success” Posting a ton on social media doesn’t mean much if there isn’t content to substantiate it. Always posting company news or product information is just doesn’t cut it. We’ve found that people don’t like sorting through all of that stuff. It can feel like you’re over-salesy and not actually trying to help your audience. They want real interaction. You have to push your own content–that’s the real winner. Don’t become another unfollowed account.
  5. “In social media, content is the key to pushing growth” Like we just talked about, people avoid the accounts that over promote their own agenda. Of course, social media is the backbone of selling ourselves, but what we really want is to be a valued source of information. Readers will gravitate towards that much more than the promotional stuff– and it will help foster growth for your company.
  6. “Well written content is a door opener” A writer and their content will help engage and connect with the right types of people. They will inspire and interact with influencers who can help you in the long run. Influencers can help jump start you into the ranks of the social media universe.
  7. “Marketing messages work better if well written” Absolutely no one likes reading a crappy sentence– or even worse, a poorly crafted marketing message. Those messages are important and you need someone who will create well thought out content. The results will definitely follow.
  8. “Copy is everywhere and good copy counts” No matter where the content shows up, it will still help you. Whether the writer works with crafting fully optimized landing pages, whitepaper, eBooks, brochures, etc., the end result is the same. Success!