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As much as I fear the robot revolution, the advances in tech have vaulted the business world forward immensely. That being said, the greatest tech can never replace the value a human being brings to the team.

When you take on a leadership position in a new team, it takes some time to win over their loyalty and trust. Only about a third of them with trust you off the bat, another third will automatically reject you, but that last third is on the fence. They need to be won over. So what can you do prove your value as a leader to that portion of your team?

Forbes Brand Contributor, Punit Renjen, writes 5 tips on how do just that:

  • “Listen and learn” Take the time to learn what’s going on in the team. What areas for concern are there? Where are people struggling? What are the greatest opportunities for engaging with your team directly? You need to hear out the team before you can start making changes. If you come in guns blazing, no one will believe you’re making changes meant for them. One size does not fit all and if you try to force a solution, it won’t work properly. Listen to the team and learn what you can do to help.
  • “Let people see behind the curtain” Don’t play the game so close to the vest. If no one knows what you’re planning, no one will trust you. If you only communicate the end result, there is no buy in, right? Share the reasons why you want to get to that end results. Explain what drives you in accomplishing the project. When people can relate to what you’re doing, they are much more likely to participate.
  • “Get emotional” No one wants a robot boss. People want to see the emotion behind the external facade. I’m not saying you should show all your stress or where your emotions on your sleeve, but a little goes a long way. When you show genuine passion for what you do, you build up a loyalty and trust. Passion and excitement are contagious!
  • “Be consistent” The old saying beats like a drum in my head here. Say what you mean, mean what you say. Do what you promise and adhere to actions you’ve set for yourself. It’s all about accountability. Don’t show one face to one person and an entirely different face to another. Just be consistent. Great leaders know what needs to be done and help articulate that to their teams in a way they will understand.
  • “Keep your eye above the prize” Be clear on the business’ values and mission statement by aligned your goals to theirs. Take the time to explain the company’s story and brand promise. Be authentic in this and your team will see that. Come together under one goal and you’ll see that common ground helps unite a team.

It just takes a little bit of time, but you can bring a great time together. A little positive action can go along way!