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The Internet is great. It allows us to have knowledge at the tip of our fingers; it allows us to connect with our friends and family; and it allows us to engage and interact with our favorite brands.

Now that most, if not all, companies are leveraging some kind of digital advertising– whether it be social media, programmatic, search, or email– it’s time for us to rethink strategy a bit. More and more businesses are utilizing these types of tactics, which means our social news feeds, our google searches, and every website we visit are completely saturated with ads. So, does that mean marketing has built up a bit of a negative reputation?

Marketing was meant to be a subtle art form, not an in-your-face all out war. It’s aspirational and is supposed to get you to think about things you hadn’t thought of before. It then leads the right people to the right solution.

Predatory marketing plays to the lowest common denominator and coerces, embarrasses, or intimidates people into doing things they wouldn’t naturally do and ultimately might have a negative effect. Sure, you might make some money in the short term, but this strategy doesn’t create lasting, satisfied customers.

If we are constantly bombarding our target markets with irrelevant ad after ad, they will lose all respect for us. That defeats the whole purpose of what we do! How do we find the proper balance of creating digital strategies to engage our audiences without annoying them?

We found a really insightful and interesting article from VIEO Designs that explains how “people feel overwhelmed, interrupted, and stalked by bad digital ads, but they don’t really mind the good ones.”

The article references a Hubspot study that claims “77% agree with the statement “I wish there were a way to ad-filter instead of ad-block completely.” Can you believe that? We sure can! In our own personal experiences with the marvelous world of the internet, we are BOMBARDED with ads that mean absolutely nothing to us. We also wish we could block irrelevant ads all throughout the web. People don’t hate ads, they hate bad ads that are irrelevant to them.

So what does all this mean? It means it’s time for us to be less intrusive and more strategic with our marketing approach. Create solutions in order to keep satisfied customers long term and don’t inundate news feeds with aggressive ads people will definitely ignore. All it does is ruin your reputation.

Don’t let it ruin yours. Stay solution-oriented in an engaging and artistic way.