V5.37: Micro-Moment Mobile Marketing

Magnetic MOnkey Marketing blog micromoment mobilMobile is absolutely where it’s at right now. Mobile has taken the world by storm in the last couple of years. Smart phones have made finding information and purchasing online incredibly easy. You can pretty much do it anywhere you are, which is great for both consumers and businesses.

However, if your mobile pages are not optimized for mobile devices, you might as well forget about conversions entirely. So listen up, marketers, if you’re don’t care about mobile speed; it’s time to jump on the bandwagon. Each mircro-moment is absolutely essential to move leads down the purchasing funnel. If your mobile site isn’t up to par, they’ll buy elsewhere.

Google Think published a great article with some tips on what works and what doesn’t on your mobile pages.

  • “More complex pages can hurt conversions” You might think that all the bells and whistles will be a turn on for people, but in reality, they just want simplicity. They want easy to figure out, minimalist sites. The number of page elements and images on your page can greatly affect your conversion rate. When you load your page down with too many elements and images, it takes longer to load. Following that, the long wait time might incur a higher bounce rate– and no one wants that.
  • “Slow pages can increase bounces” As we just mentioned, the slower your load time, the more likely it is that person will close out and forget you existed. That’s no way to run your marketing practices. You want to optimize your pages for mobile landings. It can seriously make or break your online conversions. According to this article, the two things most likely to affect your load time are the following: DOM ready time and full page load time. The article claims that, “DOM ready time—the amount of time it takes for the page’s HTML code to be received and parsed by the browser—is the greatest predictor of bounce rate.” Basically, when the DOM ready times were slower, the users bounced faster. Seems to make sense, right? The best thing you can do for that is to avoid using JavaScript. It’s comprised of a lot of third party ads. We already mentioned why it’s better for your site to load faster. We’ll say it again now. You should strive for your page to load in roughly 2.5 seconds. Any longer and people will start to ex out.

So, it is definitely worth your time (and money if necessary) to update your sites. Make sure to optimize them for mobile or you won’t see nearly enough conversions/purchases. Do yourself a kindness and optimize, optimize, optimize.