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We’ve heard before that being busy is NOT the same as being productive. And, wow, is this true! We know that productivity comes from many things, including accountability, follow through, teamwork, realistic targets, and discipline.  Sometimes being productive comes from refusing to do certain things.

Here are 9 things says productive people refuse to do on a daily basis.

  1. “Refuse to pursue perfection” Waiting for perfection is a fool’s errand. Failure is a huge part of success and hoping for some sort of unattainable perfection is a waste of time. Strive to do the best you can and your work will be successful. You’ll also get more done because you won’t be trying to fix every little detail.

  2. “Refuse to become distracted” You can’t get anything done if you stop every 5 minutes to check Twitter or Buzzfeed or any of the tons of social platforms out there. Yes, of course we love those sites for inbound marketing, but while we are trying to get serious work done. Your actions should bring you closer to your goals, not further from them.

  3. “Refuse to let negativity drag you down” We’ve talked many, MANY times about how always thinking about the things that are never going to happen will make it true! You have to visualize yourself attaining what you want! Negativity only holds you back. You would do well to remember that.

  4. “Refuse to allow others to make your decisions” As a leader and as someone who wants to produce quality work, you can’t allow those around you to make your decisions. Try not to look to others for constant approval. It will only distract you from your own intuitive choices.

  5. “Refuse to allow past failures to drag you down” Like we said, failure is apart of success. So, it’s time to let all of the past downturns go and focus on the positive. Learning from those mistakes are what creates productive behavior. It’s about using them as stepping stones for the future.

  6. “Refuse to give mental space to self-limiting beliefs” The first step to being productive is allowing yourself to do so. You can’t believe that you won’t succeed. It’s all about believing in yourself and visualizing your own success.

  7. “Refuse to believe what you want is impossible” Back at it again with believing in ourselves. Things worth having are hard work. We know this. We live this constantly. Productive work comes from believing we can achieve all that we hope for.

  8. “Refuse to become overwhelmed” Sometimes working hard can become very overwhelming. We get caught up in the stress and lose focus. In order to stay productive, you have focus on things that will push you towards your ultimate goals.

  9. “Refuse to stop learning, developing, and growing” Do you remember talking about that book “Who Moved My Cheese?” You cannot try to fix a problem the same way that failed in the past. You have to continue on and keep trying. Keep on developing your strengths and growing your passions. It will pay off in the end.