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Am I talking to myself? No, seriously, does anyone even read these blogs? Is blogging worth my time? These are some questions every blogger has internalized at least once as they type furiously on the computer. In this new technological age, we live our lives entirely online, from our personal lives to our work personas, thus making blogs a great way to express information in a fun and interesting manner.

Blogs not only record our thoughts and opinions, but also create an atmosphere to communicate, educate and motivate the current and future generations. These short blurbs of info become a new type of education, one based in learning from other peoples’ experiences. As a CMO, this is vital in building up business because people want what they know will work.

From a marketing standpoint, there are things in blogging that work and things that don’t work.

For instance, what works:

  1. 300-400 words; this is the perfect size of a blog because it allows for easy reading that still conveys a point
  2. Links; I recommend at least one inbound and two outbound—this ultimately creates more traffic to your blog because of the SEO algorithms of various search engines
  3. Pictures; people gravitate towards pictures—sometimes a good picture will help humanize a complex story; remember to keep it under 300 pixels wide
  4. Lists; this makes blogs simple and easy to follow, thus keeping things short and to the point
  5. Blog series; by breaking up a long topic into different blogs, people are more likely to read on
  6. Consistency is key; it is extremely important to keep up a consistent rhythm with your blogs—it fulfills the adult education requirement of anticipation and response

By using these blogging guidelines, you can bring your business out of the Stone Age and into the tech era. If you let it, blogging can bring in a whole new wave of influx to your company.

The HappyMarketingClub provides great tips on how to use social media and blogging as a tool for businesses. As I mentioned in my previous blog, content is imperative when it comes to the new wave of market influence. A good blog is a great asset to any CMO’s business plan.