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In this modern world, social media plays a significant role in furthering your business, so it may be time to update your marketing plan by adding a business Facebook page. Yes, Facebook can be very beneficial, particularly for the larger companies as more and more people no longer separate business from personal personas online.

Optimizing your Facebook business page requires two key phases:

  1. attraction and
  2. promotion

The first phase, attraction, is about bringing in new leads. It is creating a wider following in order to generate good interaction between you and your prospects and previously existing clients. I’ve talked about the principles of delighting your customers, such as being a solutionist. Similar to Twitter, Facebook give you a way to be a source of information for your followers. Just like with everything in marketing, you must know your audience. Create buyer personas with Facebook in mind. The person who just likes your page is different from the person who actively follows your posts. Part of the attract phase means engaging with your fans. You have to post great quality content. In order to have the most impact on Facebook, you must post every single day. It is just like Twitter in that you have to be a reliable source for your fans.

The second phase, promotion, is about supporting your business. This mainly involves calls to action. Make sure that you are clear and to the point; be concise! Your goal should be to get your followers to click on that link. Sometimes using an image grabs even more attention. You can also use Facebook for contests. Offer a prize, such as a gift card or an Ipad, for one lucky winner. The only requirement is to like your page. Use this as a way to bring in new followers. The trick is to keep them interested after the winner is announced.

Facebook started the social media revolution. Sure, pre-existing sites already existed, but this one made complete transparency popular. This is perfect for business marketing because it allows for your followers to know and trust you.  The great thing about Facebook is that when people search for you, or for key words related to your site, they will find you. It is also great for staying connected with your potential clients. It is a way to get your information out there where it reaches large groups of people at once. Let a Facebook business page enhance your marketing plan!