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No matter what your area of expertise, your company product, or your financial income, inbound marketing can help in a huge way. That’s the beauty of it! It can address a plethora of concerns. We all face the same types of concern when it comes to our businesses.

Let’s talk about two of the main concerns we as business owners deal with, and how social media can help:

  1. Building Up Your Reputation: Everyone loves the confidence boost that comes with receiving a compliment on your business. Your brand is so important- it represents who you are as a professional organization. Explore B2B gave a great quote on this—“You should be constantly concerned with your image, your presentation, and your reputation in the marketplace and how best to improve it in order to win more business.” Inbound marketing can be extraordinarily beneficial when it comes to growing brand recognition and reputation. Creating interesting and valuable content you are setting yourself up to be a source of wisdom for others. When you constantly share your knowledge through social media sites, people come to respect you as a valid source. They in turn share that with their friends and coworkers, thus growing awareness about your company. You become a credible, well respected, and recognized professional. The, when it’s time for them to choose a product or service, they will want to turn to you!
  2. Getting More Sales: A sale is the ultimate goal right? The whole purpose of having a product is to sell it and make money. We’re always going to worry about making more sales. You’re not going to grow as a company without new sales. How many times have I talked about the smarketing team? Marketing and sales need each other. A great inbound strategy can revitalize the sales effort by reaching the right kind of people and then converting additional leads. A huge part of sales is prospecting and hunting for people. If you could out a lot of the cold calling and traveling to network, you would decrease cost in a huge way. Inbound marketing allows you to reach a mass amount of people who are actually interested in what you offer. They come to you! That is what I love about social media. The people who follow you want to hear what you have to say. They want to know more. That takes away half the hard part of sales and marketing! You’re already addressing people who are interested in your service.

All right, so these are just two of a million day to day concerns we have, but that is the point. We have to focus on so much in our lives—whether our company is falling apart, whether stuff is actually getting done, did I remember to send out that email… you know, that kind of stuff. The point of social media in an inbound marketing strategy is to help streamline the process. You don’t have to spend so much time worrying when you have social media on your side!