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We have discussed many times that content is the most important facet of a good marketing strategy. Today’s society places a huge emphasis on social media, which is why businesses have now added them into their marketing approach. We already knew about Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter, but an increase of new sites is changing the face of organizations yet again.

It is all about that image-centric content. We, as visual people, like pictures to accompany the actual content. That’s why social media sites like Instagram, Pinterest, and BuzzFeed have become more popular for promoting businesses.

Pinterest is great for pretty much any business because it features almost every topic. It is easy to scroll through your feed and see many things worth purchasing. That is the great thing about Pinterest—you see; you click; you purchase.

Instagram has definitely become more popular for promoting your company. How many times have you seen ‘sponsored by so and so” on your Insta feed? Too many to count. A great picture accompanied by a simple caption can speak worlds for your business. Business2community came up with some good tips to remember when dealing with Instagram are: 1) Pick a username that reflects your brand; 2) Be strategic with your bio; 3) Think before you post; 4) Use/don’t abuse the Hashtag; 5) Stick with it—keep at it, don’t just post 5 pictures and then never use it again.

BuzzFeed is actually a great way to promote your organization. We all love BuzzFeed—it’s a guilty pleasure for sure. We obviously need to know about the 13 Dogs Who Are Ready For Freshman Year, right? Okay, probably not, but we’ll read it anyway. That’s why it’s great that Target sponsored this BuzzFeed article. You get to see cute pictures of dogs and Target gets to promote itself. It’s a win-win situation. It is a more subtle ad technique, but effective nonetheless because, now, Target is at the back of your mind.

These are just three of many new social sites that are on the rise. Marketing has yet again evolved to adapt with the times. We go where the people are.  You might even want to try out some of the new “actionable social” media tools just launching to be on the leading edge of what’s now available.