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We have all had the experience of both good and bad conversations. But have you ever thought of the power a good conversation, paired with some creativity, could have to open a whole new door to success?

By having an open dialogue when it comes to improving your product or discussing the pain points of your organization, you are motivating and engaging your team. People are more likely to work harder on a product, service or even idea they helped raise up from the ground up. If they are apart of the development phase, they will be more interested in the execution and selling phases.

Social media is a great way to get in touch with your customers, employees, and investors but that is only good for so much. You can’t have an in depth conversation about ways to create better customer delight on Twitter (as much as we wish that were true). Yes, you can scratch the surface, but is that enough? Personally, I think you can go even further. Providing a place where your team can discuss these ideas is a smart choice. By tapping into the individual and their personal experiences, you are bringing everyone together towards a common goal with which they can relate. You are allowing your team to access their full potential of innovation.

Your employees are the ones who experience the customers first hand. They are going to hear exactly what your customer wants and wishes for. Let them brainstorm together in order to deliver precisely that. Sometimes, the employees are going to come up with ideas that you may have already thought of, but that will only validate those ideas as good ones. Also, if believed to be the source of the idea, they are more likely to work that much harder when the critical execution stage rolls around. Investors are more interested in buying-in as well.

With a dialogue that emphasizes the opinions of your team, you are creating a space for true thought leadership. Be a driving force for innovation! Setting the parameters of a conversation can lead to a very focused and solution-based discussion. Let your team’s creativity be a wealth of knowledge for you. Let it create your success.