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Yes, vampires exist and you probably know a few of them.  And no, I’m not referring to the ones from Bram Stoker or Anne Rice or Charlaine Harris or J.R. Ward or Stephanie Meyer or any that are of the blood sucking variety.  For the purposes of this conversation I’d invite you to consider other types of vampires you probably interact with on a daily basis.  Those people who want to suck at pieces of you in order to fill the void of their own existence.  These vampires come in three varieties:

  • Physical: those who carelessly dominate your time
  • Emotional: those who thoughtlessly drown you with their self-centered drama and need for validation
  • Spiritual: those who unconsciously (consciously?) drain your essence in the name of enlightenment, ascension, or even good old fashioned organized religion

These vampires are even more dangerous than those who truly survive on blood as they thrive on your very core essence.  They seem to forget we are all one and of god

Physical Vampires

Ever met someone who just “sucks the life out of you?”  Specifically, someone who siphons the physical life out of you in small increments of your personal time, seemingly without any regard for personal space or boundaries?  What starts as minutes here and there expands into hours then adds up to days, weeks, months, and yes eventually manifests as years. This is the definition of a physical vampire; someone who completely disregards your personal space, has no understanding of free time and borders on codependency.  The most precious gift you have to offer is actually your time.  Our life on this plane of existence is finite and every minute wasted with physical vampires brings us farther away from bliss.

Emotional Vampires

Emotional vampires are the most prevalent in today’s me-centered world of expectations without effort.  These people drain every ounce of emotion from every conversation filling in all the gaps with their personal drama.  They are mired in their story of woe, a place where only their life is always an unfair hand dealt and everything conspires toward their misery.  Emotional vampires wallow in self-pity and feel it is their right to bring everyone else down to their level of self-loathing.  Emotional vampires claim to want love but seemingly only gravitate to the doom and gloom.  Love is the most powerful of emotions.  Love given freely to all but expressed with discernment.

Spiritual Vampires

The last of these vampires should know better. They drain your very energy under the guise of ascension or spiritual enlightenment.  Spiritual vampires thrive on workshops and live for their doctrine.  They only see the world through the lens of this doctrine and set etheric hooks, suck at the fount of your energy and play on the desire of everyone to be one with god (source).  Some suffer from spiritual elitism while others feed from afar.  All share the need to explain why their view of god and the universe is the only one or the right one or the better one. We are all of god.  One with source, so anything they are trying to sell you is already part of you.  Those who have lost the god within need to suck on the god you have tapped within yourself.

Sunlight, Garlic and Crucifixes Or Personal Discernment

Nope, garlic, sunlight and crucifixes aren’t the cure for any of these types of vampirism.  The only cure is self-imposed, self-monitored and self-enforcement of personal boundaries, of emotional boundaries or spiritual boundaries.  Only you can protect yourself from those who choose to abuse your time, drain your emotion and cloud you union with source.  Only you are responsible for you and ultimately only the vampire can feed their vampirism or cure themselves.  Every time you enable their disease, you do them and yourself a disservice.  Physician heal thyself and save the garlic for your primavera sauce.