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Magnetic Monkey Marketing Thank YouThere is a certain art to the thank you page that we sometimes forget the importance of. It seems like such a trivial step, but it is actually one of the most important aspects of your call-to-action (CTA) landing page process. Of course, the actual content is the most important (content is ALWAYS king) but the thank you page provides something much needed: humanizing your company and delighting your customers.

We all know that you should be using tons of calls to action. They are the way to get your content out there. Make sure you follow every single one of your calls to action with a great landing page and then an even better thank you page. This is when the content is finally delivered. I’m stressing the importance of this page because it is providing a positive experience for your customers and potential customers. I’ve talked a lot about delighting your customersin every aspect of your business. This is absolutely no different. After they have clicked your CTA, put in their information, and finally receive some content, the thank you page is the last thing they will see before they venture back into the interwebs.  Make sure it is a positive and friendly experience!

Here are some thank you page best practices:

  • Deliver the offer that you promised in your CTA; it may sound trite, but you set an expectation so you need to fulfill it and all too often delays occur to create bad will
  • Provide directions and next steps; people love to be guided and will follow if you give them steps to take
  • SAY THANK YOU; this one seems self explanatory, but all too often we forget
  • Include links to your social networking sites (such as sharing new content or a request to follow you
  • You can even include yet another CTA!

As with everything in marketing, make sure you are tracking all of your progress with click-through/ conversion rates. Pay attention to increasing numbers. Another thing you might want to do in addition to your thank you page is follow up with an email a few days later. Say something like “We hope you enjoyed [insert content here]! Thanks again for downloading!” Then you can add another CTA at the end of your email!