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magnetic monkey marketing blogWe have talked a thousand times about the importance of social media in our marketing strategies. Inbound techniques really do drive us to new heights of success. There is a reason technology has advanced so much in the past five years and that is because we crave constant connection.

We are well aware that these platforms bring about a variety of things:

  • Increased brand recognition
  • Improved brand loyalty
  • More opportunities to convert
  • Higher conversion rates
  • Higher brand authority
  • Increased inbound traffic
  • Decreased marketing costs
  • Better search engine rankings
  • Richer customer experiences
  • Improved customer insights

All of those things are absolutely vital, but connecting to one another ties it all up. As we’ve mentioned before social media has a way of bringing people together. It is where peers congregate to share opinions, ideas, and experiences. We love having that space to innovate together. Society uses these platforms in order to stay connected to each other.

People like being a click away from other people. We, as a society, like having other opinions to peruse. Social media gives us that. Steve Schildwachter from Business 2 Community stated quite insightfully that “social media connects people with people, not people with products.”

As a business, we have to keep this in mind while using social platforms. It can’t just be us constantly bombarding our followers with product after product. We, and many others, recommend the 80/20 rule. This means that 80 percent of your posts should be content based, while the other 20 should be product based. No one wants to feel spammed by your constantly asking them to check out a product. Create posts with actual substance! Content is king, remember?

The other day when perusing the Forbes website, I was brought to their Thought of the Day page. I was already thinking about the importance of people and then this quote appears. Theodore Roosevelt said “the most important single ingredient in the formula of success is knowing how to get along with people.” This is so incredibly true. People matter! We have to use these social media platforms in order to stay connected with the rest of our society.