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magnetic monkey marketing blogSo, it’s that time again for us to discuss important marketing techniques, especially in regards to what’s new and what’s working for other people. Hopefully, you already know all about demand generation, but we can do a quick recap. Demand generation is focusing on targeted marketing programs in order to drive awareness and interest in a company’s product/service.

Demand gen marketers must utilize many different channels with the intention of driving more prospects through the conversion funnel. We already know about most of the social platforms most marketers take advantage of, but there is one that has risen above in the ranks. That’s right: LinkedIn.

Jennifer Agustin writes the “Top 5 Reasons Why Demand Generation Marketers Need LinkedIn in Their Marketing Mix.”

1. The LinkedIn Audience: The whole purpose of our content is to get it to the right audience. That is the beauty of the LinkedIn audience. This site has over 364 million business professionals as members. Hint: this is the right audience! This platform is growing every day with an incredible diverse and active business community. It is a great tool for networking and therefore should be utilized for content as well.

2. Precise and Meaningful Targeting: We have gone over buyer personas [link to MMM Blog about buyer personas] a million and one times. With the personal descriptions of each member, half your work is done for you! The in-depth profile helps you define your personas with ease and precision. You now will have easy access to the questions you need answered, such as: location, company size, industry, job function, and seniority. This will help you immensely when it comes to targeting the perfect business professionals.

3. Our Belief in Full-Funnel Marketing: The best way to drive leads and conversions through to the bottom of the funnel is to start at the top. LinkedIn actually offers something to help just that. They provide demand generation marketers solutions including display and social advertising to help seed early demand. Having the right prospects see your content through displays and social ads will generate awareness, drive traffic, and build trust. This helps move people through the stages of the funnel.

4. The Ability to Reach Prospects When They are Most Engaged: We’ve talked before about going where your prospective audience likes to be–this means being on the sites they like to frequent. That is the beauty of LinkedIn! You can provide your audience with relevant and useful information that will engage and interest them. “With LinkedIn Sponsored Updates, you can publish relevant content straight to the feed of any member on the LinkedIn site, target the audiences that matter most to your business, and use branded content to drive high-value leads.” Also, LinkedIn Sponsored InMail delivers your mail directly into the member’s inbox only when they are engaged on the site, basically eliminating that pesky bounce-back problem.

5. LinkedIn Lets You Nurture Leads Beyond the Inbox: LinkedIn allows you to take what you know about email nurturing and apply it to inform a better-rounded multi-channel strategy– and this includes nurturing targeted display and social advertising. Your prospects are figuring out more and more from the internet. It is up to you to be where they look for information… and it seems LinkedIn is becoming just that place.