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magnetic monkey marketing blogOkay, so recently we have been noticing some top-notch video marketing campaigns for products. We all know that blogs and Tweets and such can be extraordinarily vital to our company, but we wanted to take this time to shine light on a different way to promote your content/product.

Video Marketing! We’re talking about those viral videos that make us (the consumer) really want to go out and immediately buy that product. We want to highlight two companies that really utilized their creative side and created the most kick ass viral marketing videos we’ve seen in a long time (maybe ever).

Squatty Potty

No, you did not read that wrong. Squatty Potty is a real product with a very real marketing strategy. They created this video unlike any other we’ve seen; it is truly a very unique way of trying to sell a product. This video, with the tag line “Poop Like a Unicorn, Feel Like a Unicorn,” shows a handsome prince talking about this stool that tucks underneath your toilet and helps you relieve yourself more successfully. There is also a very cute unicorn to demonstrate further. It is the most creative use of marketing. It can be hard to market a stool—a basic product we all need but forget about—but this company went above and beyond with its video. Seriously, go watch this video (check it out on their website linked above). It is the perfect example of creativity and imagination sparking a desire for the product. After watching this video—and laughing your ass off—you will actually want to go out and buy the damn stool. That’s the ultimate goal, right?

Dollar Shave Club

Next, we want to talk about our personal favorite, the Dollar Shave Club. Honestly, this is the hands-down the best use of the viral video platform we have ever seen. The quirky, witty, and somewhat irreverent nature of the video makes for a great marketing tactic. I dare you to watch the video and not want to learn more about the company and the product. In an interview with the company’s co-founder and CEO, Michael Dubin, he talks about his background in marketing and digital media and the importance of these techniques—which we know all about, right? He knew he had to utilize a humorous and honest approach. Personally, I think that is what makes this video so great. You know it’s a little silly and kind of out there, but the product is great and they’re speaking the truth. After launching the first video in 2012, they started getting tens of thousands of orders within the first thirty minutes. Now that is what I call marketing genius!

The whole point of this is to realize the potential of our own imagination. Marketing does not need to be some boring and over done strategy, it can be fun and vibrant! That is actually more effective in bringing in new customers! Keep that in mind next time your strategizing marketing your product to the masses.