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magnetic monkey marketing blogAlright fellow marketers, time for some real talk. Choosing to keep your website as it stands could actually be very detrimental. Society today is all about that first impression and if our websites aren’t up to par, they find someone else to get the job done. We’ve talked about the importance of optimizing your website.  So we know how vital it is that our sites our fully operational and optimized for success.

So here are Hubspot’s 8 reasons to revamp your website:

  • “You aren’t getting the results you wanted” A beautiful, amazing, totally functional website is pretty much useless territory if it is not doing what you want it to do. The point of your website is to not only display your services, but to attract and build up your customer base. If your website is not helping you in this aspect, it is clearly time to update and redesign. Start by checking out your conversion rates– that will help you figure out what you need to change. Look at your landing pages (and how they inspire leads) and also your CTAs (and how well they attract clicks). Another thing to look at would be if your site is text-heavy (particularly with a bunch of corporate jargon no one actually understands).
  • “The purpose of your site has changed” Most companies have pretty fluid marketing strategies.This is because as society changes, we have to change the way we reach them. Obviously though, you do not need to do a full website redesign with each little update to your strategy or your goals change. Just make sure that your website is still aligned with your marketing plans. If your site’s purpose truly has changed, revamp the layout to be more reflective of your goals.
  • “Your website just doesn’t work” Wow, shocker much? If your website is not doing what it’s supposed to do, if it’s unresponsive in any way, or even if it is just not very user-friendly, it’s time for a major redesign. You should be asking yourself some vital questions such as: Can visitors readily and easily find basic information (like contact info)? Can one navigate the site easily? Is any important content hidden? Are all content and product/services up to date with your current business plan?
  • “You have an effective web design strategy” You might already be thinking of a redesign and if that is the case, you have to take a more iterative approach. This will allow you to actually use the information on what works and what doesn’t and make plans following that. Question whether a major update would truly be beneficial for you. Think about how customers would feel by this change; think about if you have all the information you need from your customers in order to make a change; and think about if redesigning your site would decrease costs by making small changes to one of the major features.
  • “Your site isn’t responsive” This is so important. Your site has to be responsive across all modes of access. We have to learn to adapt our marketing strategies for the mobile era. The tribe has spoken and they decided that phones and tablets are the new ‘it’ thing. Your website HAS to be able to work properly on a phone or a tablet. Your business might depend on it. And if it does not yet do this, redesigning your site is definitely in your near future.
  • “You want to incorporate a better content strategy” Honestly, you should know the drill by now. Content is king. Your site should be optimized to showcase your amazing content. It might be a good idea to change up your website if you are looking to add in a more content-driven strategy.
  • “Your competitors changed their site” Of course you do not need to go and change your website every single time one of your competitors does… That would be over dramatic and unnecessary. Just keep in mind that if they do update and their rankings skyrocket while you get left in the dust, a redesign might be a smart option.
  • “Your third party tools are outdated” If you are like most companies, you utilize third party tools to increase functionality, such as shopping cart widgets. Remember to keep these absolutely up to date and fully operational. Ask yourself if these tools are working, if they are slowing down your site, and if a newer version is available.

Keep all these things in mind and you will be just fine. Don’t get stuck in your ways just because you like where you are at now. Always be asking what you can do to better your website and your company marketing plan.