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Magnetic MOnkey Marketing blogOkay, we know we talk about content marketing a lot and for good reason too– all hail the king/queen of marketing. There is something else that we haven’t yet touched on yet– and it’s kind of an important factor.

Sometimes people dismiss the idea of writing a well-crafted blog or creating a cool video because they underestimate how many people actually engage with that content. They fail to see just how the material is consumed.

It seems that a larger percentage of people use search engines and email tactics in favor of social media, blogs, or video sharing services. BUT, that is a very stagnant way of working. We know that trying the same strategy to solve a problem over and over again will lead you nowhere. You have to move with the times and constantly change what needs to be changed.

David Meerman Scott wrote a very interesting blog on WebIncNow on a very similar topic. Often times execs undervalue the importance of social media or blogs because they are stuck in their ways. What worked before will work now… right? No! Come on, friends, you know better than that. Change is a good thing! Content is a GOOD THING.

Not everyone seeks out blogs or videos, but they usually end up on the page. Why is that? Search engines, that’s why! Most people will happen upon content through Google searches and “whathaveyous” and end up reading that blog post. They STILL engage with the content at the end of the day. In his blog post, Scott writes, “So even though people may report “no” when asked if they use these forms of content, everyone has landed on a blog, video, or social network through search.”

We are constantly updating our marketing strategies as the times (and technologies) move forward. Something to remember is to never accept the status quo. Quality content is so absolutely vital if we hope to thrive in today’s society. Everyone wants to read a review or a blog or a social media post about products or services before they commit to purchasing.
Don’t let what worked in the past dictate how you run your business in the present. Times change and so must we. So next time someone is talking shit on social media and the value of blogging, remind them of the society we live in– one driven by the internet and collective opinions shared and engaged with by our peers.