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magnetic monkey marketing blogOf course, we love inbound marketing for a lot of reasons– one being that it saves us money! Who wouldn’t love that? Sometimes, we need to get pretty creative in order to save money and still boost the traffic to our content. If you’re struggling with that, look no further! We’ve got the perfect list for you.

Creative Guerrilla Marketing has done it again some great advice on saving money. If you are a small business or a start up and you have to pinch every penny you’ve got– or if you just like saving money– we’ve got the best tips and tricks to do so.

  • “Print out a magazine using recycled paper” Maybe you like it old school with a magazine, but have you thought to use recycled paper? Saves money and the environment in one go!
  • “Use your vehicles as roving billboards” We can’t all afford expensive billboards– and honestly, would we even want to in the first place? They help generate more interest for your company, but really break the bank. Put a great design on your car and use that as your attention grabber. That way, you’ll always be promoting your company.
  • “Start a blog and create relevant content” This should be so obvious to you it hurts. How many times have we talked about blogging? One hundred times? More? Who even knows at this point. Write a blog; create awesome content your followers will love. Simple as that.
  • “Generate leads by giving away a quality eBook” We’ve talked a bit before about eBooks and how great they can be. Giving it away to your subscribers could really help you! Make sure the eBook is high quality and contains useful information.
  • “Make yourself visible on social media” Duh. Social media helps bring in new followers and keep the old ones coming back. As we’ve mentioned before, social media has a way of bringing people together. It’s where peers congregate to share opinions, ideas, and experiences.
  • “Establish your credibility by speaking at workshops and seminars” Be a source of knowledge! Pass on what you know and establish yourself as a credible person in your field.
  • “House a meet and greet in your local business community” This is the same kind of deal. You are bringing attention to your industry and helping to network. We can always improve our reputation– and this will help do that!
  • “Create partnerships with industry related businesses” Once again, networking is key! It is always a good idea to pool your resources and improve your reach and exposure.
  • “Start an affiliate program” We’ve definitely talked about how the best source of marketing comes from satisfied customers. They are great– and free– brand ambassadors. So why not reward that behavior? Start a program that will reward existing clients who bring in successful transactions.
  • “Be generous with your loyalty program” Following the affiliate program, remember to be generous. Start a loyalty program that will encourage current clients to stay loyal to you. Be generous and creative– that means move past the usual 10% discount.

These are just 10 great tips to save money while still creating a great marketing strategy. When you think outside of the box and get creative, magic will happen.