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magnetic monkeymarketing blog trafficHey, marketers! Are you a small business in need of some attention? Well you’re in luck! Content marketing is here and it’s ready to save the day.

We found an article on with these 6 proven ways content marketing will be beneficial to your business that we just had to share.

  1. “It generates traffic to your site” Hey, that’s kind of cool, right? Your content could drive users to your site. Maybe they’re searching for some solution or maybe they just want some entertainment and if your content can articulate an answer for them, they’ll end up on your site. See… it’s cool. Tailor your content to what your readers want to read and they will be thrilled. You’re building a following of people who know and trust you and your solutions to their problems.
  2. “It builds brand awareness” Um, hello, who doesn’t love brand awareness? It’s literally getting your name out there. Cultivating compelling content can seriously help you spread awareness. Promote it on social media and more people will see just how useful you are in your field. Content is all about building yourself up as a trusted source of knowledge.
  3. “It can increase leads and sales” You guys should know this one by now, right? Great content increases your ability to engage with users who have a need for what you’re selling. Basically you’re building up more qualified leads that ultimately convert to satisfied customers. And to think… it all started with some quality content. Once again, you’re showing your hand as a trusted wealth of information in your industry– and that leads to conversions.
  4. “It establishes you as a thought leader” This is what we’ve been talking about the whole time! If you can spark conversation with your content, you’re doing your job right. Establish yourself as the end all be all in your field and people will flock to you. When you create content that shows off how to solve problems and not just sell yourself/product, you’ve stepped into the realm of thought leadership.
  5. “It encourages engagement” Engagement is kind of super relevant and important. Engage users with compelling content and they will be your best marketing tool. Word of mouth is probably the best free marketing strategy out there. When you create loyal, satisfied customers by engaging them fully, they will shout to the rooftops how great you are… trust us.
  6. “It costs less than traditional marketing” And, wouldn’t it be so great if all that stuff came cheaper than old school marketing techniques? Oh, it does! These inbound methods are so much cheaper than any radio program ad or tv spot. And the best part of it all is that you’re reaching people who actually have a need and interest in what you are selling.

So, how ‘bout it? Can you get behind the content trend and make a difference? We think so!