V6.21: 3 Simple Ways to Cater to Conversions

magnetic monkey marketing blog conversionsOkay, so you put a lot of hard work into all aspects of your business. You create relevant content for your users, you engage them on social media, you drive them to a dynamic, easy to navigate website, but you still aren’t getting the conversions you want. Why is that?

There could be a few reasons: maybe your site isn’t optimized towards what you’re deeming a conversion. How are you defining your conversions? Is it when a user completes a form fill? If so, do you have clear, concise form fills on the page you’re driving them to? Maybe it’s when a prospect downloads a whitepaper or a free trial. Just make sure that you are making those conversion points extremely clear and easy to use for potential leads.

That being said, here are some conversion best practices that would be helpful for any marketer to love and live by.

Jim Higgins writes three helpful tips for Entrepreneur.com that we wanted to share with you.

  • “Let prospects ‘dip their toe in the water.’” We know that when it comes to driving users down the marketing funnel, trust takes time. They don’t just decide to purchase a product in the matter of seconds, especially in the realm of B2B. You know this, I know this, we all know this. Don’t go straight to the sales page. Direct users to a downloadable whitepaper or a blog post. Let them get familiar with the brand. In this phase of the game, define your conversion point as a completed formfill. Most of the time, people like to try things before the fully commit to it. Let them acclimate to the idea of your service.
  • “Don’t go overboard on your CTAs.” Everyone loves a good call to action. They are practically the lifeblood of a good business. It’s how a brand engages with the user to complete a certain action. “Download this free eBook!” The value proposition is clear and the user can easily click through to the form fill. However, don’t overwhelm users with too many CTAs. Keep it simple and don’t over saturate your site with CTAs galore. Too many options often leads to a quick overwhelmed exit.
  • “Share customer testimonials.” People love other people’s opinions. That’s why Yelp is so incredibly popular. When user’s see that other people like them have used your product or service and took the time to write out a testimonial, they are more likely to convert. Everyone’s a skeptic these days. Prove to them that you are what you say you are and will deliver them a great product.

See? Not too difficult at all! Let us know what you think or what your favorite method to get conversions looks like.