V6.22: Overlooked but Not Forgotten: 3 Tips for Better Marketing

magnetic monkey marketing blog overlookedHey marketers! Let’s get right down to it, shall we? Let’s talk about some things we often tend to overlook in our marketing strategies– things we really should pay better attention to.

Social Media Explorer— a great marketing blog we love– wrote out three amazing statements of things marketers have overlooked lately. It’s important we don’t let innovation scare us or hinder us, but that we rise to the ‘new and exciting’ and leverage what works for us.

  1. “Don’t depend on your legacy status” Don’t just stick with the status quo or ride the wave of mediocrity. Staying up to date with the latest tech trend just isn’t enough. If things are happening around you and you don’t move forward and break down barriers, you’ll likely be left in the dust of your competitors. Harsh but true. Think Borders. The name, the legacy, was not enough to keep them afloat in the midst of all the change in the industry. Your legacy can’t save you. Your work ethic, your ability to innovate will.
  2. “Bet on the model, not the mission” We have said this once, we’ll say it a million and one times. Your mission statement matters. Your core values should dictate all facets of your business, not the other way around. Align your model with your mission in order to truly reflect who you are as a business. That’s how you stay relevant. Never compromise your values to ‘stay with the times.’ You can and will find ways to innovate while still being true to your brand and mission.
  3. “Content over frequency” Quality over quantity. This is true for so many aspects of business. Quality leads over volume of leads. Quality content that truly speaks to your target market over frequency of posts. Don’t bullshit your consumers with half-assed content they don’t care about. Engaging your audience with content they care about is so much more important than hitting a bottom line– always. Cut through all the background noise and write what matters.

These tips are great reminders for all marketers, no matter their field or level of experience. We can always use a quality reminder of what works and what will set us apart from those around us.