V6.24: Optimizing Towards Email Acquisitions

Magnetic Monkey Marketing Blog emailYou all know how much we love social media as a marketing strategy, mainly because there are so many benefits. There are so many different facets when it comes to developing your inbound and outbound strategies, so make sure you are utilizing the right tactics for your business.

Something every single company needs and benefits from is the email list. Having a quality email list will do you wonders when it comes to nurturing relationships and enhancing the user journey. Of course, there are tons of different ways to build up your list.

Let’s dive into three effective strategies for building up a quality email list– keyword being quality (because that’s more important that quantity, trust us).

Shout out to Joe Lazauskas from Contently.com for crafting such great tips!

Social media is great for driving users to your page. Facebook and LinkedIn have some seriously great targeting tactics for reaching relevant users. This includes job titles, interests, skills, and so much more. The point is social is a great way to reach the right people with the right messaging.

That being said, how can we best utilize this tactic in order to build up our email lists and generate more quality leads? Optimize the experience, that’s how!

  • “Drive users to a newsletter subscription page with a strong CTA” When utilizing social media, it is important that the page you’re driving to aligns with the goal in mind. Meaning, if you are trying to gain more emails, you wouldn’t drive to a page with no way of leaving an email address (i.e. a homepage with no CTA). Be direct and drive to a newsletter subscription page! Make sure that the call to action is extremely clear and value-driven. What is it the user will gain by inputting an email address. Also, keep it simple. If you are trying to build up your list, don’t go crazy with the form fill fields. Users get discouraged by 10 fields to fill out and will most likely bounce off the page. Try to keep it concise and only ask for the necessary information.
  • “Drive users to the landing page of a premium gated piece of content” Gated content is a great way to gain quality leads. The whole point of getting an email address is to reach out again with more content, deals, etc. The idea is to continue nurturing the users as they move through the marketing funnel. By providing quality content, potential leads see your value as a relevant thought leader. So prove that you are knowledgeable in your field by writing great content and get some emails in the process.
  • “Drive users to a post optimized for email acquisition” All of this means nothing if your pages aren’t optimized for email acquisition. Utilize an email acquisition widget on your pages in order to provide an easy way for users to opt in to your list. That way you are providing value no matter if they sign up. Staying value-driven is the most important part here. People want to know what you can do for them, not just why you’re great at what you do. Make sure all of your copy, content, and CTAs are direct and value-driven.

So there you have it, three marvelous ways to grow your email lists. At the end of the day, it’s all about optimizing your pages for the best results for YOU. Stay relevant and continue to serve compelling content– otherwise, no one will want to sign up for more.