V6.27: Leveraging Social Proof For The Win

magnetic monkey marketing blog finished lineIn today’s ever growing market, it is hard to find your ‘edge.’ What makes you special and different than all of your competitors? How can you leverage what you’ve already built up for yourself in terms of quality work and amazing customer care?

Social proof- that’s how! Why do you think Yelp is so popular? People crave other people’s opinions. You probably wouldn’t go to a new restaurant without checking the reviews first, so why would you buy a product or service without hearing what others’ have said.

Not only does social proof provide you with much needed credibility, it boosts your SEO too. Win-win situation here, folks.

We came across this great article and we just had to share some thoughts.

Let’s dive into some ways we can obtain quality social proof to leverage.

  • “Send a survey to new clients” After you’ve sold your product or service to a new client, let them experience it for a little bit and then reach out via email for some feedback. Encourage responses by offering a discount or a small gift in return.
  • “Encourage them to post on social media” Come up with relevant and unique hashtags in order to easily track customer chatter. You can respond quickly and see what people have to say regarding your business. Instagram and Twitter are vital for this. You want to reach people where they are at and these platforms are crushing it in terms of user engagement.
  • “Send your products for free to people with large followings” Influencer marketing is an extremely valuable piece of the puzzle. Getting a popular social media presence to represent– or even just speak highly of– your product can do wonders. They have a built in, dedicated following and you should leverage that.
  • “Get them while they’re fresh out of the oven” If you are hosting events with clientele in attendance, get some feedback right then and there (while you’re still fresh on their minds). Set up a camera and record some quick customer testimonials to utilize later. If that is a bit too much to start, you can always ask a few short survey questions to begin with and move from there.
  • “Feature reviews from other sites on your site” If you have a Yelp page or an Etsy page or any sort of site that features reviews, you can link that straight to your website. Be sure to check the terms and conditions first though! Some sites have pretty strict rules.

At the end of the day, you’ll never get quality testimonials if you don’t ask for them. Put yourself out there! Make sure to be pleasant and treat your customers with respect and they will respond.