magnetic monkey marketing blog more timeYou all know how effective digital marketing techniques can be, but it does take time. Nothing worth having happens overnight (most of the time). Failure is a huge part of learning and growth opportunities.

We came across a great article on that we just had to share. Let’s dive into how we can revamp a failing marketing strategy, shall we?

  1. “Give it more time.” These things don’t happen overnight. You know this, we know this, everyone knows this by now. Sometimes the best way to work through failures is to let it stew a little longer. Don’t give up too quickly! Tactics like SEO and paid social take time to show results.
  2. “Differentiate it.” So many brands are similar these days. You HAVE to differentiate yourself if you hope to stand out. If your competitors are all saying the same things, it just becomes background noise at a certain point. Be brave and take some risks.
  3. “Make a more valuable offer.” If you are not seeing a good return on your marketing strategies, it might be because there isn’t a great enough incentive. In order for your audience to engage, you have to offer them something valuable. This might mean a discount, or free gift, or a downloadable piece of content.
  4. “Retarget to fit your audience.” If your messaging isn’t resonating with your current market, it might be time to take a step back. Is your messaging a little too generic for your audience or maybe too technical for a generic audience? Take the time to do some more research on what your target audience resonates with and you’ll see better results.
  5. “Segment (and AB test) your strategy.” Test everything. That’s really the only way to see what works for your brand and, ultimately, what doesn’t. You will definitely see better results if you segment and differentiate based on certain lists and messaging, depending on where they are at in the funnel.
  6. “Align your individual tactics.” Your various tactics are not individual units. They are all part of the holistic story and you have to treat them as parts of a whole. The imagery, messaging, and overall experience should align across tactics so as not to confuse your audience.
  7. “Try a new strategy (or scale up). If all else is just not working, maybe it’s time to cut some losses and try something new– or maybe just scaling existing strategies. Just remember that every failure is an opportunity to learn. Use the data to determine what you do next!

Are you ready to take your marketing tactics to the next level? We think so!