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Magnetic Monkey Marketing blog dunce brainThe smartest person in the room isn’t always the most successful. It seems like a logical leap that the person with the highest amount of education or the seemingly smartest person in the room would be the most successful. This is just not the case. It takes certain behaviors to amass success and become a great leader in the business world. had a great list of 17 “personal shortcomings” that can potentially ruin your business. We wanted to share some of our favorites!

  • Absence of Motivation or Perseverance Of course, having a certain amount of smarts helps, but a lack of motivation and perseverance will ruin you. It takes drive and ambition to get the level of success one hopes for. Simple execution is not enough! It takes critical thinking, motivation, and a lot of hard work to create a the right mindset for success.
  • Failure to Put Thoughts into Actions So you have awesome ideas? Great! Put those awesome ideas into actual deliverables. It’s easy to get lost in the depth of your own thoughts, but it takes true dedication to make those thoughts a reality.
  • Lack of Direction or Focus Don’t just think short-term. True success comes from a long-term, goal-oriented mindset. It takes focus and dedication to take your business to new heights. You could have an amazing short-term project idea, but if it won’t contribute to the long-term goal of the company, what’s the point?
  • Failure to Take the Next Step or to Launch This plays hand in hand with putting thoughts into actions. Maybe you’ve started an awesome campaign, but you’re having trouble taking that next step. It might be because you’re afraid of finishing. Don’t spend too much time on reaching for perfection that doesn’t exist. Take that next step and learn from it!
  • Wrongly Appointed Blame Don’t go around placing blame on everyone else but yourself. Take ownership and initiative. When a mistake is made or some sort of setback occurs, don’t automatically blame everyone around you. Look to the future and find a solution.
  • A Need for Instant Gratification We all know that marketing efforts do not see results overnight. It’s a process! Take risks and think big picture! That’s how you’ll take your business to a new level.

The way we approach certain tasks will ultimately determine our success. Remember to focus on the positive while looking at both short-term and long-term objectives.