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Magnetic MOnkey Marketing blog giving backIt is a truly amazing thing to witness people and companies from all over joining together to help those affected by the recent disasters, such as in Houston and Florida. It seems like every other day we’re reading about another disaster, natural or otherwise, and that can make you feel quite helpless sometimes. As businesses, we can be doing more to help those around us. But how, you ask? put together a list of four ways we as businesses can make a real difference– beyond cause-related marketing. We are big believers in paying it forward and giving back to our communities in real, concrete ways.

Let’s dive into this list, shall we?

  1. “Form a human chain.” One person can only do so much. A whole slew of people can do much more. By joining together as a team, you can make a huge impact– one that you might not have been able to make as just one person. Work together on one project, such as sorting apples at your local food bank or collecting items to donate to hurricane relief. You are fostering a community approach to giving back. It might sound cliche, but we really are stronger together!
  2. “Help your neighbors.” Businesses tend to help the big, well-known causes. Move beyond cause-related marketing by helping your local charities. Keep it local! Take a work field trip to work together on a community project. That might mean helping at a food shelter or painting children’s playgrounds at a nearby preschool. Choose to make a direct impact on your neighborhood. Planning a company wide charity event is a great idea to build up community ties in a positive way.
  3. “Get creative with your product.” Do what you can with what you’ve got. Non-profits are not the only companies that can do good with their product or service. Get creative with what you can do and help where you can. Maybe a school near you could use computer help or volunteers to tutor. Either way, use the skills you have at your company for good.
  4. “Go behind the scenes.” Not every act of good is physical, manual labor. Sometimes you are doing enough by supporting those who spend their days helping the community.

Helping the community and doing good in service of others is a good thing. As the leaders of your businesses, show that you care about more than just your bottom line. Honestly, do so will boost your company morale and ultimately do more for you in the long run. Not everything needs to be about money, but can be about making a real and positive impact.