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magnetic monkey marketing blog ad copyLast week we talked about ways to create relevant content for Demand Gen. This week we want to touch on some great tips on getting bigger, better responses from your ad copy. Craig Simpson gives us 7 awesome tips on writing better ad copy we all should know.

  1. “Readers read ads as individuals, usually while they’re by themselves.” Social media is used for connecting people- connecting them to their friends and family and to the brands they know and love. So, yes, it’s a form of bringing people together, but it is also a very individualized process. Think about it, we are usually scrolling through their newsfeeds on their own time. With that in mind, write ad copy that speaks directly to an individual. You are a human conversing with another human.
  2. “You can’t bore people into doing what you want them to do.” Seriously, no one gets talked into doing something by boring ad copy. Copy should be engaging, to the point, and relevant to your target market. Entice them by speaking their language.
  3. “Don’t write essays.” No one wants to read some psycho babble of why they should buy your product or service. They just want you to get to the point. Be specific and concise, not lengthy and heavy-handed. Just give the people
  4. “It’s always a great advantage to write copy in the form of a story.” Stories are the best way to reach people. Use your copy to engage your readers with stories that will strike an emotional response. The idea is to immediately grab a user’s attention with something they will want to read more of.
  5. “Avoid using analogies and superlatives.” No one likes seeing those grand, totally worthless superlatives. You know the one– “World’s best coffee served here!” Or whatever it is they’re selling… you know it means nothing and it doesn’t really convince anyone. And analogies just confuse people anyway. Be smart about what you say.
  6. “If you have testimonials from happy customers, be sure to include them.” Word of mouth is the best free marketing technique you could possibly have. Using the good things others have to say about you is a great way to entice new customers. People want to see that what types of things others like them use and buy. A great testimonial can really strengthen your pitch to new clientele.
  7. “In general, longer copy is more effective than shorter copy.” No matter the length of your copy, it means nothing if it is boring and lacking pizazz. Remember to be interesting in regards to what your target market wants to read about. Give the people what they want and engage them with relevant, awesome content and copy.

Give these tips a try and see how it goes! We’d love to hear which copywriting tips work best for you.