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magnetic monkey marketing blog 9 comandmentsLet’s talk about one of our favorite subjects, shall we? That’s right! Social media marketing! Are we predictable? Maybe, but at least we’re relevant.

Social media marketing is great because it allows for us as a business to reach our target market where they spend the most time. Let’s dive into Susan Gunelius’s “10 Laws of Social Media Marketing,” yeah?

  1. “The Law of Listening” You can’t just create content willy nilly. You should be figuring out what your audience likes by reading what they’re sharing and discussing. Only then can you craft relevant and engaging content. Your goal is to write content that adds value not just unnecessary distraction.
  2. “The Law of Focus” As a general rule, it is better to specialize in a particular field than to try your hand at all of them. A highly specialized social media and content strategy would be stronger than just throwing all the tactics in and hoping for the best.
  3. “The Law of Quality” We’re big fans of the phrase ‘quality over quantity.’ Just because there is more of something doesn’t necessarily make it better. Trust us when we say it’s better to foster real relationships with fewer connections than to try and win them all and none of them care about your brand.
  4. “The Law of Patience” This stuff takes time. You’re not going to be a huge social media success in one day. Just keep at it and you’ll see results. It takes time to garner efficient and quality results, so don’t give up if you don’t see immediate success.
  5. “The Law of Compounding” Social media has many moving parts– one of them being that people who like content, share content. When you create engaging and relevant content, your audience will want to share, like, comment, etc. That is basically free marketing. There’s nothing better than word of mouth press. This opens up new entry points for SEO as well, which just means more opportunities for people to find you online. Boom, cycle of marketing at it’s finest.
  6. “The Law of Influence” Again, word of mouth is a great tool. Find relevant influencers to promote your brand to their audiences who might be interested in you.
  7. “The Law of Value” Don’t just talk to talk. Speak to add value to the discussion. Focus on creating something worthwhile and the conversions will follow. Don’t focus on the conversions themselves.
  8. “The Law of Acknowledgement” Social media makes it so easy for you to engage with your followers. If someone emailed you with a question, you wouldn’t ignore it, would you? The same applies here. Engage with the people who comment on your content. It will help build up your reputation as a wealth of knowledge in your field.
  9. “The Law of Accessibility” Don’t just post something and then ghost out. Try to be available to your audience! Be consistent with your content and responses and they will engage further.
  10. “The Law of Reciprocity” If you want others to share your content, you should be willing to do the same, right? Find great content that you value and share it with your audiences.

Social media is a great tool for EVERY marketer out there. Make sure to follow these simple laws in order to make the most out of your social strategies.