Magnetic MOnkey Marketing blog on AILet’s talk about the robot sized elephant in the room: that’s right, artificial intelligence (AKA AI). A lot of marketers have been hesitant to adopt these technologies out of fear. People tend to fear what’s new and untested, but why? You have to take risks in order to gain reward.

A contributor for writes about 4 myths regarding AI that we like to share now so let’s dive in.

  1. “It will kill marketer’s jobs.” This is probably the biggest fear marketers have here. They’re scared for their jobs, but they don’t have to be. YOU don’t have to be scared. AI doesn’t take away our jobs, it enhances our jobs. It makes things more intuitive and helps us create personalized experiences for our target market. AI doesn’t work on its own, right? We have to harness it within our jobs in order for it to work effectively. The idea is to take what we do to another level, not suppress our ability to do the job.
  2. “You must use AI everywhere.” Another myth is that you have to use it in every aspect of your marketing tactics. AI tools can be expensive and therefore pretty daunting to think you have to leverage it everywhere in order for it to be effective. This is not the case. Yes, it can be pricey, but utilizing it only where it will have the most impact will be better for you in the long run.
  3. “It’s for big businesses.” Small businesses tend to beat around the metaphorical AI bush because they think it’s for big businesses only. It can help those SMBs cater to a more niche audience and lower cost metrics in the long term. You just have to create a plan and stick to it by prioritizing the AI tools that will serve a need. Take the time to understand your goals as a business and find the right tools to make that happen.
  4. “To use AI, CMOs need a technical background.” Now this one is just wild! Do you need to have a technical background to use technical products? Seeing as we all use IPhone and Google Homes and such without understanding the technical parts, I think we can safely assume you don’t need a tech background to utilize an AI product. All you need to make it work is a AI-enabled platform that helps out with that.

Ultimately, if you are letting fear of these four reasons- or any others- keep you from greater success, you’ve got to rethink your strategy. It’s time to branch out and try something new!