We are huge proponents of receiving lessons from all sorts of places. You never know what will teach you something new in regard to your business. For example, we can learn valuable lessons from reading books or watching movies.

Take Marvel Studios for instance. The MCU has created an entire universe that spans across 19 movies, comics, games, and tv shows, grossing billions of dollars. Let’s talk about what we can learn from this massive industry in a business setting.

We came across an ingenious Entrepreneur article that discusses 4 business lessons we can take from Marvel and their momentous box office success. Let’s dive in, shall we?

  • “Focus on making the best product you can.” Marvel is a huge production and it has only ever tried to produce really great movies the fans will love. Isn’t that exactly what we strive to do in our businesses? We need to create products that wow our clientele.
  • “Don’t be afraid to throw things out and start over.” Sometimes it’s okay to start over. It is not a sign of failure if we learn and grow. Marvel doesn’t try to force something if it’s not there and we shouldn’t either. If you’ve spent time on a project and you start to see where the pain points are, don’t be afraid to just start from scratch. It would be more productive in the long term.
  • “Bring in trusted collaborators and let them run with their vision.” It is also okay to let other people collaborate and bring a different vision into the mix. Diversity in the project helps create something even better. When people come together to work on something magic happens.
  • “Have a sense of history and willingness to move forward.” If we don’t learn from the past, the future has no hope. Businesses that refuse to learn and grow will end up dying out. We have to take a page out of Marvel’s book and capitalize on impactful insights in order to move forward.

Pretty cool, right? That we can learn something from our favorite movies and apply it to our companies? Are you ready to take these lessons to heart? We sure are!