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Magnetic Monkey Marketing blog contentAs you all are well aware, content is king. The type of content you create will help your target market better understand the value you bring to the table. But what if you’re creating content they don’t care about? Well, we can’t have that, can we?

It’s so important to hyper-relevant craft your content with buyer personas in mind, otherwise, you’re missing the mark.

An contributor wrote a great article on how to drill down into our buyer personas in order to create more relevant content. Let’s dive into some of those tips, shall we?

  1. “Develop your buyer personas.” You can’t focus in on your personas without first establishing them. Check out this past blog to discover some questions to ask while developing your personas.
  2. “Build content for your established buyer personas.” Got your personas all ready? Great! Now it’s time to start building content for them. Craft this content with their needs in mind. What are their struggles and what solutions might solve them? Be a relevant source of information and answer any questions they might have. Build content that supports your personas no matter where they sit in the buyer journey. Your goal here is to start collecting information and discovering trends about who you’re reaching and what content with which they are resonating.
  3. “Look for indicators that your buyer personas’ needs aren’t being met.” As you continue to publish content and you see engagement come through, it’s time to make actionable call outs. Are you actually meeting the needs of your audience or any potential audiences you’ve missed? Look to data to find this out! Are your readers losing interest? Is your bounce rate high and your average time on site low? Maybe you are getting the same questions to your customer service. These are all indicators you aren’t directly answering the needs of your market. Use the checkpoints to gauge the personas you have in place.
  4. “Refine your buyer personas.” Most likely, you will need to refine or re-assess your current buyer personas. You can start creating sub personas to better suit their needs. Two things could occur at this level. You might need a new buyer persona altogether. If this is the case, you will need to determine what their pain points are and how your product or service might offer a solution. If this new audience is larger enough, you should incorporate it into your content strategy and marketing efforts. The other thing that might arise in your data is the need to improve your current target market. You must be hyper-targeted with the personas in place, so make sure your content is hyper-targeted as well. Make sure to address the questions they are posing and offering solution-oriented content that these personas would find valuable and actionable.
  5. “Create hyper-targeted content for your new personas.” Now that you’ve narrowed in on your target market, it’s time to create even more relevant content. Create sub personas and provide them with specific content pieces that address their concerns and questions. Don’t blanket assume all of your audience will want the same content or have the same needs. Be impactful with the information you provide and give it to the right people.

With all of this in mind, we hope you take away one important message: change is inevitable. Make sure to adapt and move with your personas and constantly TEST, TEST, TEST! If something isn’t working anymore, make a shift. You’ll be better in the long run.