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As much as we like to templatize processes, we have to remember that each person on the team is going to respond differently. There is no blanket one-size-fits-all approach unfortunately, which is why we work so hard to cater to the individual when it comes to career growth and work ethic. If we understand this, why do we still try to fit everyone into the same 9-5 box?

That’s right folks, it’s time to talk about flexible work schedules and why it makes everything better. A strict schedule is ultimately bad for business because it’s bad for the employee. And as you all know; happy employees are more productive in the long run. If you adopt a more flexible work hour, they will work harder for you because they know you actually care about them.

Let’s dive into 3 reasons from on why your company should offer a flexible work schedule:

  1. “When Mental Health Improves, So Does Morale” When employees are happier and refreshed, they come in with a clear mind to work productively. If you allow your team to focus on their families or personal lives when they need to, they will come to work clear headed. They don’t have to stress or worry about getting their errands done or getting their kids to the doctor, they can just focus on getting great work done efficiently.
  2. “Recruiting Capable Employees is Easier” Let’s face it, hiring great employees can be hard these days. Not for lack of great people, but because there are amazing companies out there vying for their attention. You can’t just expect them to choose you without proper incentive. Flexible work schedules help you stand out amongst steep competition. Hiring great employees will set you up for success in the long run.
  3. “Most Importantly, Productivity Increases” When you give your employees the flexibility to choose when to put in a good day’s work, you’re allowing them to work when they will be more productive. The idea is to put the people first. Some work much more efficiently in the morning, while others thrive in the afternoon. When you let the person dictate their own work schedule, they will do so efficiently and productively.

So, what do you all think? Are you ready to adopt a flexible work schedule and empower your employees to work more productively? We think so!