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Let’s face it, the best business in the world means less than nothing if no one believes in its brand. It can seem kind of daunting, right? How do you build that much needed buy-in to create lasting, loyal customers?

You tell a story, that’s how!

A good idea is great, but a story is much more powerful. Jyoti Bansal with Entrepreneur.comhits the nail on the head with these three ways to better craft a story and:

  • “Why is the problem you are solving big and relevant?” Okay, first and foremost, what is the problem you are solving? This is the foundation of your story. Once you’ve detailed that out, start asking yourself some questions and provide strong, concise answers. Why does this problem exist? Why does it need to be solved? What’s the value here? What’s the potential market opportunity? By answering these questions, you are building up your brand message and creating a more value-driven story. Of course, a story has to be backed up by data. Make sure that you are using poignant data points to give weight to your story.
  • “Why is nowthe right time for your idea?” Now that you’ve laid the groundwork, it’s time to flesh out why your idea is not just right, it’s right now. Timing is EVERYTHING. The best idea could go to waste if people don’t see the need for it in this time. Create a sense of urgency with your story to further explain why your product or service is valuable right now. Change can be hard, so it’s your job to make the shift a no brainer for your target market. A good way you can do that is to create parallels with the status quo and then prove out why your idea is a more sustainable approach.
  • “Why are you the right person or team to make it happen?” And to conclude your story, you’ve got to dive into why you or your team are the right people do solve the problem. What is it about your that makes you stand out above the crowd? Why and how are you going to do things differently than the rest? This is the time for you to shine and establish your relevance and credibility.

People need to believe in you in order to invest in what you’re selling. It all comes down to human nature. They need to see the vision before they can become loyal brand ambassadors. So, go out and craft those stories, marketers! It’ll set you up for much more quality long-term success.